Ghost Videos

September 3, 2008
Ghost Video

Ghost Video

Watch some Scary ghost videos of spirits and paranormal apparitions at Scary For Kids. You’ll see ghosts caught on tape and shocking footage of evil skulls and ghostly figures that will creep you out and scare you silly.


Three Skeleton Key – Free Horror Story

September 29, 2006

Three Skeleton Key by George G. Toudouze

My most terrifying experience? Well, one does have a few in thirty-five years of service in the Lights, although it’s mostly monotonous routine work – keeping the light in order, making out the reports. When I was a young man, not very long in the service, there was an opening in a lighthouse newly built off the coast of Guiana, on a small rock twenty miles or so from the main land. The pay was high, so in order to reach the sum I had set out to save before I was married, I volunteered for service in the new light.

Three Skeleton Key, the small rock on which the light stood, bore a bad reputation. It earned its name from the story of the three convicts who, escaping from Cayenne in a stolen dugout canoe, were wrecked on the rock during the night, managed to escape the sea but eventually died of hunger and thirst. When they were discovered, nothing remained but three heaps of bones, picked clean by birds. The story was that the three skeletons, gleaming with phosphorescent light, danced over the small rock, screaming…

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