Scary Short Stories

Scary Short Stories

Scary Short Stories

Read some scary short stories and horror tales from the authors of classic ghost stories like Ambrose Bierce, MR James and HP Lovecraft. Go to Short Stories to read them all.


14 Responses to Scary Short Stories

  1. All It Is Is A pi+c-ture Of A Mann …..

    If Peoplee Come On This Website Theyy Wanna Be Scared But Howw Are They Going To be Scared Of A Picture Of A Man Staring at at something with a gun… PLAESE GET REAL

  2. we will not be scared of that man cause that is only on the TV .we will be scared if that man will came out of that TV and eat me ha ha ha ………

  3. femine/genitals says:

    this is booooring……you should put something about bloody mary or some stuff like that!!!!! im leaving this site untilll ths gets interesting….lol byyeee

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. (x.rAwR.x) says:


  6. EBBIE!!! says:

    ommg wtff, whyy gunss??
    i dntt thinkk anything scary shuldd involvee gunss
    b/c it shuldd be boutt goes andd stuff likkee datt!!!!!!
    peace yo!

  7. wahtic says:

    sana gumaw3a ka pa ntg marami yung kabilib bilib huh?

  8. The latest stories out of Mid East and its countries….

    Scary Short Stories « Horror For Kids – DVDs Movies TV Books…

  9. cool blog – keep up the writing sytle….

    This is a good post – best I’ve seen in quite some time….

  10. trouty says:


    […]Scary Short Stories « Horror For Kids – DVDs Movies TV Books[…]…

  11. flyawy says:


    […]Scary Short Stories « Horror For Kids – DVDs Movies TV Books[…]…

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