Scary Pictures

Scary Picture

Scary Picture

For Scary Pictures of ghost photos, scary clowns and creepy dolls and haunting images, go to Scary Pictures at


23 Responses to Scary Pictures

  1. ashbo says:

    this aint even scary its juss plain ugly lol

  2. Skirvin says:

    It’s pretty ugly alright.

  3. me says:

    u guys r right anyways why don’t you add anymore pics?

  4. madison says:

    this gave me nitemares I am a kid

  5. unknown says:

    thats a weird but scary picture but he’s got some green teeth

  6. davy says:

    no,it can better! succors!!! stupid asses! ate my shit!

  7. davy says:

    no,it can better! succors!!! stupid asses! your so dumb!

  8. Adam says:

    its quit scary

  9. ghghhfhh says:

    Carmen (Jessica) and the rest of her class were on a fire drill and 5 girls trying to embarrass Carmen pushed her down a sewer when she didnt come up they called the police and the girls said she fell the police belived them. FACT:two months later a boy got the text of Carmen and didnt send it later tht nite the boy went to the bathroom and heard laughter and out of fear he ran into his room grabbed his cell to send the txt later tht nite his mom wuz awakened by a loud noise two months later they found the boy in a near by sewer eye balls gone skin peeled off and mouth gaping open.if u don’t send this to 5 pictures this will happen to you__

  10. jamcon2009 says:

    this picture reminds me of the very short flash pic in the exorcist very creepy but not that bad

  11. (x.rAwR.x) says:

    Its not even Scary ugh!! but its hella ugly!! lol x)

  12. Lauraaa says:

    This is from the Exorcist! =)

  13. Anonymous says:

    suck me up

  14. Anonymous says:

    this ant scary

  15. Anonymous says:

    thats ur momas face

  16. Anonymous says:

    that looks like u


  17. chicken says:

    that looks like you moms tits

  18. Anonymous says:

    very bad

  19. kylie says:

    thats just stoped goosebumps needs to fuck off

  20. kylie says:

    thats just stoped goosebumps needs to f off

  21. rhiannon says:

    I think they should put more into it u know so I was going to prank my mom by taking a pic on the back ground but haven’t got know pics .lol

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