Monster House – Movie on DVD

Monster House DVD

Monster House uses the same motion-capture technology as Robert Zemeckis’ Polar Express but takes it to the next level. This time around, the whole context of the movie will appeal to a wider audience so this is a great opportunity to display the possibilities that this all digital technology offers.

Monster House is an excellent surprise for its family-oriented audience. Unlike Dreamworks and their cynically adult-oriented features, this movie aims at both the kids and grown-ups in a way that tends to unite them around its subject.

To kids, this will be their first experience of an actual horror flick: the house IS seriously haunted and this is definitly no Casper-like curse. Lives are at stake here and the line between good and evil is not so strictly defined. Some aspects of the plot have a very macabre touch, still a bittersweet feeling comes in balance towards the end.

A real implication is required from the kids, especially because a few thrills awaits them once the house has awakened.

So thank you Mr Zemeckis and Mr Spielberg for producing this little gem, which, though it draws its inspiration from a classic tradition of haunted mansion archetypes, never fails to find its own identity and energy.

In a nutshell: Moster House has a great style and screenplay, technically impressive and very concerned about offering a satisfying show to the audience.

Buy Monster House on DVD Here:

Region 1

Region 2


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